05 Jul' 2021

We know travelling during these troubled COVID-19 times can seem daunting, and if there’s one place in the world that would be the ideal travel destination, it is Africa.

With its vast open spaces and ability to seclude people in nature, Africa is one of the best places to travel during COVID. However, that is not the only reason to go on Safari during COVID-19.

Below you will find 6 more reasons to go on Safari during COVID-19. As well as seeing what a Safari during COVID-19 looks like from a visitors perspective. 

6 Reasons to go on Safari during COVID-19

1. Safaris are built for social distancing

The first reason you should go on Safari during COVID-19 is that Safaris are built for social distancing.

Safari trips are, by definition, open-air adventures with plenty of space. The appeal of a safari has only increased now that social-distancing measures are becoming the new normal.

Social distancing during Safari
Social distancing during Safari 

Travel consultants aren't organizing large group tours for the luxury safari experience. Instead, they're frequently tasked with assisting families, couples, or small groups in planning private trips. Discover Africa's consultants and other experts have noted, interest in those experiences has only grown. Safaris are still likely to remain small outside of the luxury sector.

This framework also ensures that the safari's primary experience remains unchanged. Guests may instead encounter stricter housekeeping regulations, smaller camps, fewer cars, and a bit fewer buffets.

 2. With wi-fi, remote work is now a possibility

Apart from being the ideal place to disengage from the outside world, most luxury safari resorts have reliable Wi-Fi, allowing you to stay connected.

Luxury Safari Resort
Luxury Safari Resort

We carry our job with us wherever we go, even on vacation, now more than ever. However, with remote working becoming the new standard, another great reason to go on Safari during COVID-19 is that we may bring our holiday to work and turn our mobile office into a viewing deck overlooking a waterhole in the broader Kruger. We don't have to pick between being online and seeing watercolour sunsets and mirages any longer.

3. You are stimulating the economies of communities in need

Travel is the world's largest industry, employing one out of every 10 people. Travel is a luxury and a privilege for the traveller, but it is a source of income for those who work in hotels, lodges and mobile camps, and it keeps everyone from housekeepers to general managers fed.

Cultural tours in Kenya
Cultural tours in Kenya

Thus, one of the most important reasons you should go on Safari during COVID-19 is that travel generates cash for governments, allowing them to invest in infrastructures such as roads, airlines, shipping routes, water supply, and waste disposal. This investment immediately benefits local communities.

4. Health and sanitation are key considerations right now 

Across the continent, health and safety standards are excellent: sanitiser stations, temperature checks, social separation, and mask-wearing are all normal practices.

Leading tourism organizations have already put in place protocols that all tourism stakeholders must follow. 

National Park Game Drive
Kruger National Park Game Drive

These usually include sanitizing all vehicles (including all transfer vehicles, open game drive vehicles, and coaches), as well as protocols for drivers and guides to follow when dealing with guests. Check-in, food handling, and eating facilities and rooms and public areas are all covered by the primary regulations. Many hotels and lodging establishments already have processes in place to guarantee the health and safety of their customers and employees. 

5. Flexible Terms & Conditions due to COVID Policies 

We are happy to see greater demand from overseas travellers, but we also recognize that their plans are subject to ever-changing government recommendations and airline cancellations as a result of COVID-19. 

To address this, many of our partners have adopted incredibly flexible Terms & Conditions that cover last-minute cancellations and postponements if your travel plans are cancelled due to COVID-19-related issues such as – further lockdown, no flights, guest not allowed to board a flight, a guest falls ill as a result of COVID-19 and is unable to travel.

6. Better Safari Animal viewing during COVID

The last important reason as to why you should go on Safari during COVID-19 is that safari adventures will be among the finest of all time during this period. There have been amazing safari experiences during COVID. This is because less poaching, less human interaction, and smaller safari groups have meant that there are more animals, less noise, and better game viewing. Booking a luxury Safari's during COVID will be the best opportunity and experience for traveller's from America, United Kingdom, Europe or any other country during COVID-19.

What a Safari During COVID-19 looks like

Sandra & Markus Trachsel

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, this couple decided to go on an African wildlife safari. On December 18, 2020, they set off for a 14-day journey to Kenya during which they visited the parks of Samburu, Buffalo Springs, Lewa, Ol Pejeta, Aberdare, Lake Naivasha and Hells Gate.

In this video, they show, why they decided to go on this safari, the safety measures that are in place in Kenya and how they are implemented in the camps and lodges.

Pangolin Wildlife Photography

 Taking a Kenya Safari in 2021 was a fantastic experience for Toby. Starting with a flight into Nairobi, Toby headed to Samburu, rhino tracking on foot, explored the Masai Mara and ended in a location set to be the next big African photo destination! Is Kenya really ready to welcome guests back?

In the video, Toby explains what it is like to do a Kenya safari tour in February 2021 while the Coronavirus pandemic is raging. 

Travelling to the Savanna during COVID 19

 In this video Guests of the Savannah, Private Game Reserve tell us about their experience travelling to the Savanna and how easy it actually was!

We hope that this along with the 6 reasons you should go on Safari during COVID-19 has convinced you to book your dream African Safari today. However, an important aspect to take into consideration is the COVID-19 Travel restrictions. Due to the rapidly evolving situation globally, travellers should regularly check with their airlines on the most updated travel requirements (such as mandatory COVID-19 tests, quarantine) for your airlines, transit countries, and your final destination. 

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