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5 cities to visit in Eastern and Southern Africa in 2016

12 August 2016
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Many venture to Africa for the safaris and the culture and experience of rural areas. Africa often has a strange perception when it comes to tourists or explorers who have never visited the continent before. However there is a lot more than often meets the eye.

Africa has sprawling cities and some of these cities could compare to other world destinations such as San Francisco or even certain parts of Europe. African cities have their own unique flavor and because of the continent's history are as diverse as they come. Here are 5 great African cities to visit this year.

Cape Town, South Africa

It’s no surprise that everyone who lives in South Africa wants to live in Cape Town. This geographically unique city is blessed with the best of both worlds, a breathtaking mountain and wonderfully scenic beaches. With a world of exquisite eateries, artisan cafes and bustling nightlife Cape Town could very well be the most popular tourist city in Africa.

Ballito, South Africa

Once considered but a village the town of Ballito has grown exponentially over the years and in its own right is turning into a city. This is due to various reasons and one of them has to be its proximity to the King Shaka International airport in La Mercy.

The town boasts boutique accommodation facilities and world class beaches not far from the big city life of Durban. Best time to visit the KZN area is in the winter months to escape the bitter cold of the Western Cape and Highveld.

De es Salaam, Tanzania

Many decide to skip this hub when travelling through East Africa to go straight to the safaris and islands Tanzania is famous for. But that doesn’t mean those that do decide to venture to De es Salaam are not treated to a world of culture and vibrancy.

This is one of Africa’s fastest growing cities and for good reason. Make sure you spend a day or two there next time you’re in East Africa.

Nairobi, Kenya

This vibrant city is unique as it has a national park almost within the confines of the city making seeing great wildlife easy. Nairobi might not be as edgy as Johannesburg or as visually appealing as Cape Town or Dar es Salaam, however the city has enough going for it to make it a worthwhile stopover between visiting some of the best game parks Kenya has to offer.

Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek is a small city in terms of population size but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch in other ways.  Famous for its world class brewery, things seem to be changing in certain areas with a vibrant evolving nightlife. Windhoek prides itself in being a diverse and multicultural destination with a vast array of people interacting with each other from San, Hereo and Kavango who are indigenous to the area as well as expatriate Europeans.

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