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Located in South Central Serengeti, Elewana Collection’s Serengeti Pioneer Camp is ideally situated to offer superlative access to the annual migration and the ‘Big 5’ with sweeping views overlooking Moru Kopjes, Lake Magadi and the endless plains.


18 Jun 2018

The migration is scattered throughout the central Serengeti. There are some herds moving towards the Western area and a few are scattered towards the direction of the Namiri Plains.

Credit: General Manager, Simon Kisingi


14 May 2018

The migration is occurring around the Naabi Hill Gate (Golini).

Credit: Assistant Manager, Justin Bernard

17 Apr 2018

The wildebeest herds are scattered all the way from the Ndutu, Gol, Naabi Hills and Mawe ya Simba, up to the Namiri Plains.

In the meantime, hundreds of zebra are heading towards the Seronera area. 

Credit: General Manager Serengeti Pioneer Camp, Simon Kisangi

09 Apr 2018

General Manager, Simon Kisingi drove through the herds during his morning game drive today. The herds are scattered all the way between the Serengeti south coming to the Ndutu area.

However, there is a very definite move towards the Naabi Hills. 

20 Mar 2018

It is raining heavily throughout the Serengeti and the herds are scattered throughout the southern Serengeti towards the Ndutu area. 

Credit: Serengeti Pioneer Camp General Manager, Simon Kisingi

24 Jan 2018

Nomad Tanzania, safari guide captured the wildebeest and zebra migration quenching their thirst in a waterhole in the Ndutu area. 

General Manager, Simon Kisingi also spotted a large number of the wildebeest and zebra migration in the Ndutu area.

13 Dec 2017

A large herd of the great migration was sighted around Kilima Saba in the Serengeti even though the area is not often used, especially in the rainy season. 

However, there are no camps in the area as it is a road in the Serengeti. Vistors are advised to drive through the seven hills from Naabi Gate to the Central Serengeti. 

Credit: Manager Assistant Justin Bernard 

12 May 2017

Hi HerdTracker

Greetings from Serengeti,

The herds are spread out over the Serengeti plains. 
Surprisingly I have seen a small number of herds heading back to the south.

The big herds had been seen around Togoro Plain.


18 Apr 2017

Hi HerdTracker

A small herd of Wildebeest in the camp at SPC, Otherwise herds of a couple of thousand wildebeest around Sopa bridge, the road to Seronera  and Lake Magadi.

Kind Regards,

24 Jan 2017

Hi Jarred

An update from just now, around 300/400 wildebeest in the Seronera area near to the Visitor Centre, also another 300/400 on the road / junction of Sopa / Serengeti Pioneer Camp.

Not sure where the big herds currently are.

Kind Regards,

20 Jan 2017

Hi HerdTracker

At Seronera, there are at least 10,000 wildebeest with zebra.  Sero is dry and dusty and they are looking for water.

We also spotted 2000-3000 zebra and wildebeest from Serengeti Pioneer Camp down to the junction of Sero-Lake Magadi. Spread out heading to Lake Magadi.

Kind Regards,

16 Jan 2017

Hi HerdTracker, 

We are seeing small pockets of a few hundred wildebeest scattered around Pioneer Camp and Lake Magadi

Please find a picture attached with Lake Magadi in the background.


Wildebeest and zebra around Lake Magadi
Wildebeest and zebra around Lake Magadi - Image by Tom Mees
09 Jan 2017

Hi HerdTracker 

A quick update - We spotted 2000 to 3000 wildebeest yesterday afternoon just outside Serengeti Pioneer Camp kicking up dust in the late afternoon light. Heading towards Moru


Wildebeest close to Serengeti Pioneer Camp
Wildebeest close to Serengeti Pioneer Camp - Image by Tom Mees
29 Dec 2016

Hi Jarred

Migration is still around Moru, Serengeti Pioneer Camp and the open plains area close to Sopa Lodge.

Kind Regards,

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