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Karl is our East African consultant at Discover Africa, building bespoke safaris for East Africa.

Karl has been exploring Africa for most of his life, having lived and worked in South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt and Zanzibar. Outside of Africa, he’s also lived in the Caribbean and the Solomon Islands.

Karl started his explorations by first becoming a scuba instructor and after 20 years, this leads to working as a professional photographer, specialising in wildlife. Still not happy, he then studied some more and became a field guide, a Big Five walking safari guide and tracker. Before becoming a travel consultant, Karl was managing safari camps in both Tanzania and Kenya.

You’ll never find Karl too far from his camera, which is almost permanently attached to him.

Q&A with Karl

You are an expert in which African countries?

East Africa in general but mostly Tanzania and Kenya

What do you love about traveling in Africa?

The unexpected, you never know what is around the next corner in terms of wildlife, people and culture.

What is your favourite place in Africa?

The whole of East Africa

Anywhere I can walk in the bush, to experience nature and wildlife in all their glory.

With whom do you love to travel?

My wife

If there is only one item you could take on a journey, what would it be?

Always my trusty Nikon


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