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Alex Walker’s Serian is all about location: we are where the wildlife, wilderness and open spaces are. Mara offers East Africa’s highest big cat density – in Serengeti, wildebeest river crossings and birthing season. We craft private-guided expeditions to touch the untouched: fly-camping, walking and adventuring for the wild and soulful.


12 Jul 2018

Safari guide Michael Thomas spotted a new arrival in the Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp. 

29 Mar 2016

Hi HerdTracker,

Mixed herds of wildebeest, zebra and eland are spread across the plains south of Ndutu, with sporadic storms and showers greening up the grass and keeping the pans filled with water.

It's hot and you can feel the rains wanting to kick on or sweep away. perhaps with the new moon.



Wildebeest on the plains south of Ndutu
Wildebeest on the plains south of Ndutu - Image by Alex Walker
The wildebeest migration close to Ndutu
The wildebeest migration close to Ndutu - Image by Alex Walker
11 Mar 2016

Hi HerdTracker, 

A large rainstorm through the centre has seen a lot of the herds head for the Kusini area. We still have significant numbers down as we do all season here in Kakessio.

The Osinoni pack of wild dog being especially active, hunting the calves, often taking up to three in a go, both morning and evening.

Kind Regards,
Alex Walker

10 Mar 2016

Hi HerdTracker,

There are lots of wildebeest on the plains between Ubuntu and Ndutu and more now around Kusini and towards Moru Kopjes.

Kind Regards,

01 Mar 2016

Hi HerdTracker,

The wildebeest seem to be fairly scattered all over the place at the moment, on the plains north of here to Ndutu, Secret Valley and towards Moru Kopjes.


25 Feb 2016

Hi HerdTracker,

I just spoke to one of our guides who has just come in from a game drive and he says there are huge herds of wildebeest still around Kimuma Hill and across to Ubuntu and north of there on the plains towards Ndutu.

It’s still sunny and dry here and plenty of green grass so hopefully they will be around here for a bit longer!

Kind Regards,

18 Feb 2016

Hi HerdTracker

There are huge herds of wildebeest between Kimuma and Ubuntu and north on the plains towards Ndutu at the moment. Lots of calves but still many to calve yet. The guides said there are a lot of wildebeest around Kusini too.  

Gerard will try and get some images to you in the next couple of days. Thanks. 

Kind Regards,

27 Jan 2016

Alex Walker sent us this stunning image taken by Chris Stamper using a GoPro Hero 4 close to Serian’s Serengeti Mobile Kusini.

GoPro close-up of a wildebeest at Serian’s Serengeti Mobile Kusini
GoPro close-up of a wildebeest at Serian’s Serengeti Mobile Kusini - Image by Chris Stamper

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